Infinity Log


Features of infinity log helps you get authentic IP Log by maintaining BTRC Rules and regulations.

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Customized Log Template For Mikrotik Routers.

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  • #Mikrotik Log is saved in very specific customized patterns.
  • #Makes log search easier to use/find.
  • #Supports BTRC standards.
  • #Collects PPPoE ID, Mac Address, Source IP, Source Port, Nat IP, NAT Port, Destination IP, Destination Port.

Customized Log Listening Port

  • #By default log listen port is udp/514.
  • #You can customize it by changing the log listen port field.
  • #Any UDP port is acceptable.
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Multi Level User Access Role

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  • #User account management gets more customized.
  • #Can set user based, group based access limit. For Example: User "hasan" only gets to read/search any log User "helal" can edit anything except adding or removing user.

Multi-layer Log Searching Filter

  • #Filter by date range.
  • #Filter by server.
  • #Filter by IP.
  • #Filter by users mac.
  • #Filter by users.
  • #Use Multiple Filter at the same time to get search result according to AND logic gate.
  • #Filter by time range.
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Syslog for CISCO, Juniper, Windows, Linux supported

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  • #Supports syslog collection from any device such as Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, C-data, Bdcom, V-Sol, etc.
  • #Any Operating System's syslog is also accepted such as Windows 7/8/10/Server, Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS/RedHat etc).

Live Log Streaming

  • #Allows the user to view log real time from any device.
  • #Helps to troubleshoot any log errors.
  • #Any device stops throwing log, you will know immediately.
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